I love my trade, I go out everyday and meet new people in my community. I love the problem solving, the hard work, the creative challenges, and the look on my customers’ faces when they see a job
well done.

- Michael,
Climbing Fox Founder 2015

Our Mission

We work with the community, individuals and businesses to provide ecological and safe solutions to troublesome trees throughout Victoria and the surrounding community.  Through the philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; we provide solutions for recycling tree waste, improving tree health and protecting the things you love about your backyard.



  • Whole Tree-Solution Packages

  • Dangerous Tree Removals and Falling

  • Yearly Yard and Strata Tree Management

  • View Enhancements

  • Daylight and Canopy Lifts

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Espalier Pruning, Shaping, and Restoring

  • Major Hedge Reductions

  • Vacation Home Check-ups

  • Crown Shaping and Cleaning

  • Tree Waste Removal

  • Spiral Pruning and Thinning

  • Hedge Maintenance and Shaping

  • Pollarding and Coppicing

  • Palm pruning

  • Restoration Pruning

  • Tree Risk Assessments


  • Fully Insured by Northbridge Insurance and WCB

  • Member of International Society of Arboriculture